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U.S Courts Library - 8th Circuit

Eric Brust, Circuit Librarian

Reference and Research Services
and Policies

Assistance with legal research is available to federal court personnel and on a limited basis to other government personnel, members of the local bar, and public patrons.

We ask that library users maintain a sense of decorum when using the library. Smoking, eating, and disruptive behavior are not permitted. Anyone who violates library rules or behaves in a disruptive manner will be required to leave and will be barred from re-entering the library.

For more information on photocopies, library computer use, or any other issues, please contact the library nearest you.

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Public Patrons: What We Can Do

  • Locate available court information and materials
  • Provide basic reference help (phone numbers, definitions, legal aid resources)
  • Provide basic instructions for using legal materials
  • Locate and/or verify citations
  • Refer you to libraries that have materials we do not own
  • Assist with photocopiers, printers, etc.

Public Patrons: What We Cannot Do

  • Provide legal advice or opinions, or interpret any laws or legal documents
  • Assist with preparation of cases or legal forms
  • Provide in-depth reference or access fee-based information databases (such as WESTLAW or LEXIS)
  • Check out library materials or borrow items from other libraries
  • Do photocopying or make telephone calls
  • Allow use of office equipment, telephones or supplies