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Judge Donald E. O'BrienDonald E. O'Brien Federal Judge
by Donald E. O'Brien
Edited by Judge C.J. Williams, Jami Golhofer, Hilary Naab
Published by the Northern District of Iowa Branch of the Eighth Circuit Historical Society, November 2017

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The text below, written by Judge C.J. Williams of the Northern District of Iowa, appears in the preface to Donald O’Brien Federal Judge, published in November 2017 by the Northern District of Iowa Branch of the Eighth Circuit Historical Society.

The Honorable Donald E. O'Brien passed away on August 18, 2015. Shortly before he died, he contacted me, one of his former law clerks. During that phone call Judge O'Brien told me he had written this book, and requested my assistance in seeing that it was published in some form for the benefit of his family and for the history of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Iowa. With the assistance of his long time Judicial Assistant Jami Golhofer, and Hilary Naab, Branch Librarian for the United States Courts Library for the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, we have undertaken the task of editing Judge O’Brien’s book. We have strived to retain wherever possible Judge O’Brien’s original text, but have made corrections where necessary for factual accuracy and for readability. At the beginning of many chapters we have also added introductory paragraphs to provide the reader with context or background. Wherever we, as editors, have inserted anything of substance, it appears in italics. All the rest is the voice of Judge O’Brien.

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