The primary mission of the United States Courts Libraries of the Eighth Circuit is to serve the legal research and information needs of federal judiciary staff in the seven states of the Circuit. Court locations without libraries on-site are included in the service areas of the circuit library system. Included in the audience are federal judges, law clerks, staff attorneys, clerks of court, other court support staff, probation and pretrial services officers, and federal public defenders. In addition, access to materials is provided to members of the federal bar, other federal agencies and the general public.
Library Collection
The library's collection has been developed to meet the information needs of this special clientele. The collection includes looseleaf services, treatises, reporters, statutes, government documents, law reviews and reference books pertaining primarily to federal law. The library also holds primary and some secondary materials for the states of the Eighth Circuit.
The books only circulate to federal judges, law clerks, U.S. Attorneys, Federal Public Defenders and their staffs. The library's online catalog is not currently available via the Internet.