Court Archives
The U.S. Courts Library Eighth Circuit serves as the repository of the Court Archives. As such, the library collects, organizes, and preserves material documenting the history of all the federal courts and judges in the Eighth Circuit. Typical materials relate to judicial biography and ceremonies (investitures, portrait ceremonies, memorials), court history, and courthouses. For more information about appropriate materials see our Archives Collection Development Policy.

The archives collection is located in the headquarters library's Archives and Rare Books Room on the 22nd floor of the Thomas F. Eagleton U.S. Courthouse in St. Louis, Missouri. The Archives Room has a temperature, humidity, and light controlled environment, and materials are stored in acid-free housing in order to preserve the life of the collection.

The library is the official repository of archival materials for the Court of Appeals and the recommended repository for all the other federal courts in the Eighth Circuit. While courts and branch libraries may wish to collect historic materials for local access, the recommended practice is to make a copy for local collections, when feasible, and send the original material to the St. Louis library for preservation in the Court Archives.

The Circuit Librarian is Curator of the collection, and Joan Voelker is the Archives Librarian. For more information about the Court Archives, contact Joan at 314-244-2671.

To contribute to the Court Archives, send materials to:

Attn: Archives
U.S. Courts Library 8th Circuit
111 S. 10th Street, Room 22.300
St. Louis, MO 63102
Court History
The library develops court history by coordinating or assisting with projects to create written and oral histories of the Court and its judges, serving as a resource for information on the Court's history, compiling information on available oral histories and judges' papers, preparing brochures and other written materials conveying court history, and creating displays and exhibits relating court history.
Historical Society
The library works closely with the Historical Society of the United States Courts in the Eighth Circuit to preserve and celebrate the history of the federal courts in the Circuit. Archives Librarian Joan Voelker serves as Secretary of the Historical Society and maintains the Society's web site.