September/October 2010
Special Memorial Session
in Honor of Judge Gerald W. Heaney

On October 19, 2010, many gathered to memorialize Judge Gerald W. Heaney in a special session of the U.S. Court of Appeals, held in the St. Paul courthouse during court week. A reception followed on the first floor.

Judges, colleagues and family shared their personal and professional experiences with Judge Heaney. These often humorous and touching stories painted a rich picture of the jurist and the man. Speakers included Judge James B. Loken, Judge Myron H. Bright, Judge Diana E. Murphy, Judge William H. Webster, Robert J. Hennessey on behalf of the judge’s law clerks, Daniel Fanning as representative of Senator Al Franken, and William Heaney on behalf of the Heaney family.

A five-panel display honoring Judge Heaney’s life was on exhibit at the memorial, accompanied by photos albums and a biographical booklet. All were prepared by the U.S. Courts Library 8th Circuit.

A special thank you to the Heaney family, Joseph T. Dixon, Jr., former law clerk to Judge Heaney, and Katherine Hedin at the University of Minnesota Law Library’s Rare Books and Special Collections, who supplied the Library with many wonderful photos.

The Honorable Gerald W. Heaney died on June 22, 2010, in Duluth, Minnesota, at the age of 92. He left an uncommon legacy not only for all he accomplished as a soldier, citizen, and judge, but also for the many lives he touched as a person. For more about Judge Heaney, his page on the Eighth Circuit Historical Society web site.

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