November/December 2009 issue

Change in Citation of Opinions for the District of South Dakota

The October 1, 1996, Standing Order regarding the citation of District Court opinions using DSD numbers has been rescinded. Accordingly, DSD numbers will no longer be assigned to opinions for publication. Citation of South Dakota District Court opinions may now be accomplished by citing to the case caption, case number, document number and page reference, D.S.D. and year of the opinion (or the F.Supp or F.Supp.2d citation if therein.) For example, the citation would be United States v. John Doe , CR. 08-30000 (Docket 5 at 2)(D.S.D. 2009).

The District has requested that the editors of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation delete the notes about South Dakota citation in Table T.1 (pp. 195 and 232 of the 18th edition) from the next edition.