May/June 2009 issue

GPO Launches FDsys

The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) recently launched its next-generation digital information system: Federal Digital System(FDsys). FDsys is an advanced digital system that will enable GPO to manage and preserve information from all three branches of the U.S. Government.

The following is a statement from Robert Tapella, Public Printer of the United States:

I am pleased to announce the launch of FDsys, GPO's new Federal Digital System, an innovative tool to enable Americans and people worldwide to search and access the documents of the U.S. government.

FDsys is a one-stop site on which to find current, authentic, published information from all three branches of the U.S. government. I am especially pleased with our new Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents, which includes releases from the White House Press Office and remarks made by the President. FDsys also offers search capabilities to find documents released by Members of Congress and Congressional Committees, using only keyword and date information.

While the site is not yet fully populated, GPO continues to migrate collections over from their GPO Access site. Recently added collections include:

Congressional Calendars (104th Congress - Present)
Congressional Committee Prints (105th Congress - Present)
List of CFR Sections Affected (1997 - Present)
Economic Indicators (1995 Present)

You can locate information on FDsys in a number of ways. There is a simple search box with a link to an advanced search option. Search results are listed by relevance, but they can also be sorted by title or date. You can narrow search results by government author, office, keyword, or location. There is also a link on the left that allows you to browse through collections, if you prefer to locate documents that way. You can also retrieve documents by citation. The site is still being developed and refined, but it looks promising!