March/April 2010
New Magistrate Judge for the
Eastern District of Arkansas

Jerome T. Kearney was sworn in as United States Magistrate Judge for the Eastern District of Arkansas on April 17, 2010, upon the retire-ment of United States Magistrate Judge Henry L. Jones, Jr., who served over 31 distinguished years on the bench.

Judge Kearney had served the last 15 years at the Federal Public Defender Office of Arkansas as the First Assistant. Judge Kearney is a 1978 graduate of Vanderbilt University and a 1981 graduate of Van-derbilt University Law School.

He has served virtually his entire professional career in public service including: Pulaski County (Arkan-sas) Public Defender Office, Arkansas Attorney Generalís Office, Office of the Solicitor for the U.S. Department of Labor in Dallas, Texas, Federal Public Defender Office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (where he worked when the Oklahoma City bombing occurred in April 1995) and finally in the Arkansas Federal Public Defender Office.

Judge Kearney is the son of James and Ethel Kear-ney who together were the parents of 19 children. All but one of those children have earned a college degree. He grew up in Gould, Arkansas (Lincoln County), where his parents were sharecroppers.

Welcome, Judge Kearney!

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