March/April 2009 issue

Computers in Libraries Conference 2009

Two Eighth Circuit librarians, Crata Castleberry, Little Rock, and Deborah Showalter- Johnson, Kansas City, attended the conference Computers in Libraries, March 29 - April 1, 2009, in Crystal City, VA.

The conference is known for providing a good overview of newly developed or newly applied hardware and software for library and information services. Presenters at the conference covered topics such as federated searching, Microsoft SharePoint implementation, the problems of longterm retention of digital materials such as Blawgs(law blogs), Facebook applications, Flickr and collaboration, and other Web 2.0 technologies. The speakers reported not just on what has worked for them, but what hasnít, and what the future may hold.

Not everything seen and experienced would work for the courts, but one thing stands out. Digital media is constantly evolving and the way libraries use the media changes right along with it. One additional benefit derived from attending was the development of contacts made with other libraries and librarians. Such contacts provide support as we make changes that benefit our users and create more efficient methods for processing work.