January/ February 2010 Issue
More Districts Using E-Pro Se Program

In October of 2008 the Eastern District of Missouri Clerk’s Office created and launched an automated document assembly program called E-Pro Se, which allows pro se litigants to create a civil complaint, summons and civil cover sheet by answering a series of simple questions. The program was first made available on a computer terminal in the district’s pro se Self- Help Center in the courthouse. E-Pro Se is now also available online in the Self-Help section of the court’s web site at http://www.moed.uscourts.gov.

The Eastern District of Missouri has been working with other districts interested in setting up E-Pro Se terminals. On February 22, the District Court of Minnesota began providing public computer terminals with E-Pro Se for pro se litigants in its Minneapolis and St. Paul Clerk's Offices. These terminals also provide access to the District of Minnesota’s website and its Pro Se Civil Guidebook. Other districts in the process of setting up similar pro se computer terminals are the District Courts of Hawaii and Maryland.


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