January/February 2007 issue

New Internet Address for 8th Circuit Historical Society

The web site for the 8th Circuit Historical Society has moved to a new Internet address. Please update any bookmarks or desktop shortcuts you may have to this site:

http://www.lb8.uscourts.gov/pubsandservices/hi stsociety/hist_society.html

The 8th Circuit Historical Society is a not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to preserve and celebrate the rich history of the federal courts of the seven states that make up the Eighth Circuit. It is composed of a parent organization and 11 branches, with one branch for the court of appeals and one for each district court in the circuit. The branches act as their own local historical societies and undertake exciting projects in court history. To see what each branch is up to, check out the annual reports on the web site.

To learn more about the organization as a whole, access the bylaws, parent annual reports, and meeting minutes. To find out who represents your court, access the board of directors listing or the individual branch page. To get involved in the Historical Society, just contact your branch’s representatives!