May 2016

Hot Off the Press: United States District Courts and Judges of Arkansas, 1836-1960

On May 19, 2016, the history of the federal district courts in Arkansas, published by the University of Arkansas Press, hit the warehouse! The history is told through essays on the lives and significant cases of the courts’ judges, written by various authors and edited by Frances Mitchell Ross. This book is the culmination of a threedecade project of the Eastern and Western District of Arkansas branches of the Eighth Circuit Historical Society, led by the dedicated efforts of Ms. Ross, of the Eastern District.
At the recent Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference, Judge Morris S. Arnold and University of Arkansas Press Director Mike Bieker both spoke on publishing court histories. To hear Judge Arnold relate how the Arkansas history came to be published and insight on publishing court histories, click here. Advance to minute 53 of the Historical Society’s workshop for the portion on Court History and Biography.