July 2016

New Citizens Welcomed During
Independence Day Weekend

More than 7,000 citizens were welcomed to the United States during nearly 100 naturalization ceremonies that took place between June 29 and July 4, 2016. This year’s ceremonies marked the 240th anniversary of American Independence. Ceremonies that took place throughout the 8th Circuit:
• 235 new citizens took the Oath of Allegiance at Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota. Chief District Judge Jeffrey Viken and Magistrate Judge Danetta Wollmann presided.
• 24 new citizens took the oath at the Old Courthouse in St. Louis, Missouri. Chief District Judge Rodney Sippel presided.
• 14 new citizens took the oath at the Rush Hudson Limbaugh Courthouse in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Guest speaker Senator Roy Blunt was introduced by Eighth Circuit Judge Duane Benton. District Judge Stephen Limbaugh, Jr., presided.
• 28 new citizens took the oath at Principal Park in Des Moines, Iowa, just before the Iowa Cubs game. District Judge Robert Pratt presided.
• 82 new citizens took the oath at Harriet Island in St. Paul, Minnesota. Magistrate Judge Steven Rau presided.
• 7 new citizens took the oath the previous week at the Hannibal Federal Building in Hannibal, Missouri. District Judge E. Richard Webber presided.