February 2018

Govinfo to Replace FDsys

Since February 2016, the Government Publishing Office has been busy developing the beta version of the new and improved source of official government documents, govinfo (www.govinfo.gov), in preparation for the day the older and not-so-improved digital source for official versions of government publications begins its well-deserved retirement (December 2018).
The govinfo website offers several improvements over the FDsys website to greatly enhance the user experience. Govinfo provides users with an interface that is optimized for mobile devices so users no longer have to deal with sizing and formatting issues when viewing documents on phones or tablets. The homepage allows visitors to browse documents by title, category, date, committee, and author, and prominently displays recently released documents. Govinfo also allows users to share documents directly to social media. In addition, the search feature has been tweaked to provide more relevant results.
Although these are welcome advances, perhaps the most revolutionary improvement is the related documents feature, providing convenient links to other government documents that have a functional relationship to the document being viewed without requiring separate searches.
The new govinfo website provides easy, free public access to hundreds of thousands of official government documents via a modern, mobile-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing interface.