Eighth Circuit Historical Society

The Historical Society of the United States Courts in the Eighth Circuit

District of Nebraska Branch

2007 Annual Report

The branch is in the process of revising its regulations to conform with Advisory Opinion No. 104 of the Judicial Conference's Codes of Conduct Committee to make it clear that the court is not in control of the branch and to align the branch with the Federal Practice Fund and Federal Practice Committee for funding purposes. The branch engaged an historian from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln to write a history of the district, but progress has been delayed. Judge Kopf will take part in a panel discussion at the Nebraska Bar meeting on the trial of Standing Bear in which Judge Dundy ruled that Native Americans were persons under the habeas corpus statute. The branch also gave copies of Nebraska federal judges' oral histories to staff at the Creighton University Law Library, who made them available in streaming video on the University's web site.

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