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Western District of Missouri Branch

2002 Annual Report of the Western District of Missouri Branch
of the Historical Society of the
United States Courts in the Eighth Circuit

The Historical Society for the Western District of Missouri currently maintains a balance of $4,029.97 in its account. These proceeds represent the balance of a $25,000 grant that the Court en banc made to the Society to fund an architectural design project for a part interactive and part traditional museum to be established in a large ceremonial room on the second public floor of the Courthouse. The architecture firm was able to draw on the history of our court, Federal Justice in Western Missouri, previously published by the University of Missouri Press.

Several proposed architectural renderings have now been completed and the Society has formed two fund-raising committees to begin raising the $350,000 - $400,000 it will take to fund and maintain such a project. A "special gifts" committee will be headed up by two attorneys, Landon Rowland, the former president of Kansas City Southern and the Stilwell Corporation, and Judith Heeter, a partner at Shughart, Thomson & Kilroy, P.C., who work exclusively for the Major League Baseball Players Association. The "special gifts" committee will focus its efforts on foundations, the various bar associations and a handful of individuals.

A "lawyers committee" will be made up of three attorneys who practice before the Court: Charles German, Pat McLarney and Gary Robb. This committee will be charged with going to individual firms and seeking contributions or commitments to contribute over a three to four year period. It would be the Society's hope that preliminary work can begin on an initial phase in early 2004, but that will depend on the success of our fund-raising efforts.

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