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2011 Annual Report

Mr. Burton Boxerman, the author hired to write a book on the history of the Eastern District of Missouri, is completing his work. The next step is to get a confirmation of a commitment from a publisher.

The questions for the oral history of Judge William H. Webster have been prepared and sent to Judge Webster. It is expected that the oral history will be recorded in October.

The History Committee for the Eastern District of Missouri identified the seventeen most significant cases from the Eastern District of Missouri. In the last few months, video recordings have been made, with authors assigned to write summaries, of Spinelli v. U.S., 393 U.S. 410 (1969) and Hicks v. St. Maryís Honor Center, 509 U.S. 502 (1993). DVDs will be prepared for presentation in the Learning Center of the Thomas F. Eagleton Courthouse. It is expected that the remaining case summaries will likewise be recorded for display.

A separate treasurerís report will be filed.

Respectfully yours,

E. Richard Webber
Senior United States District Judge

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