Eighth Circuit Historical Society

The Historical Society of the United States Courts in the Eighth Circuit

Court of Appeals Branch

2004 Annual Report of the Court of Appeals Branch
of the Historical Society of the
United States Courts in the Eighth Circuit

The Branch has received authorization from the executive committee to enter into contract with the University of Minnesota for publication of a history of the Eighth Circuit with the understanding, among others things, that (1) the contract would obligate the Society to pay the University $13,000 if the Court of Appeals branch could not fund that payment, and (2) the contract would require the Society to hold the University harmless from copyright claims. Tom Boyd is gathering and seeking authorization for photos to appear in the history, while the author, Professor Jeffrey Morris, is working with the University on publication. Publication is anticipated one year after the University receives the cite-checked manuscript in the proper format.

In other news, and pursuant to the Branch's long-term plan for the Dillon Essay Competition at the University of Iowa College of Law, the Branch completed transferring responsibility for the essay competition over to the John F. Dillon Inn of Court in Davenport, Iowa, earlier this spring. The Dillon Inn will now be the sponsor for this project.

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December 2, 2004
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